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Current Issue November Gold Fever! Deadly Cold! There was snark, bantering, the hero was not a douche. Griffin is my new book boyfriend. This is my Griffin. This is the first time in a long time that I have actually wanted to imagine myself as a character.

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I want her magic, her abilities. She was amazing. This book had humor, steamy lurv scenes. The writing is pretty simple, easy to read. First person present tense, which doesn't bother me at all. I'm not going to summarize or post quotes. There are a zillion reviews that already did that.

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I already want to re-read this, I liked it so much. There is a lot of potential here with this world.

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It's awesome. I will admit to some flaws, but I was able to easily get over them because the story and characters and love story was just so fantastic!

Maya Angelou - Phenomenal Woman

My issues: view spoiler [Cat gets sick and almost dies twice. I dislike this plot device. I want my MCs to have adventures not be sick in bed. Several uses of the word "traitorous" when referring to Cat's feelings and body reaction to Griffin. No one should ever "mewl" in a love scene. But, at least the author made a point to joke about it. Older, experienced male with younger virginal heroine Cat kept secrets about her past from Griffin after she admitted she loved him. This is another plot device that bugs the heck out of me.

Also, the ex-psycho girlfriend trope comes into play. I could have done without that. It's been awhile since I was into a bo0k this much. Buddy read with the MacHalo group. View all 17 comments. May 13, V. Henry Cavill as Griffin Another New adult fantasy that is advertised as such! And that plot is perfectly woven with a well-researched greek mythology and some very steamy sexy scenes.

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  • So I'm really happy I discovered this author. Honest author! Honest publishers! Quality content! That's so hard to find these days. Yes, this book is what its blurb and cover promise to be. No misleading potential book buyers here. No wonder the same bloggers and reviewers who always praise the books from that publisher which will not be named who sells books with fifty shades of grey content to 12 YO children have given this one a not so stellar rating. Those same warnings are lacking in reviews of books from the big publishing houses.

    At least not as abusive or problematic as series as the royals and A court of thorns and roses which are sold to Young kids despite the age of the characters and the erotic content with no warning. The heroine Cat is really on equal terms in terms of power and rank than the hero. She's smart and stands up for herself all the time. He's very dominant but she's fierce. There's sexual content, but it's marketed for adults so I see no problem there. I'm all for steamy content even in young adult books as long as it's advertised and marketed as such.

    Yet this book has higher quality! And less of the problematic issues like abusive relationships, cheating, OW, OM, pro-rape culture messages, racism, among others that make me afraid of grabbing over hyped books without reading my friends honest opinion first. This review might become a rant later because there's so much to discuss about this book and I need to cool down before writing my ideas. I just have to tell you that I love the secondary characters; Kato, Carver, Flynn they're handsome, funny and I need more of them.

    The worldbuilding is great, the greek mythology, the pace, the plot, everything works well to make A promise of fire an enjoyable, sexy read. Overall a winner for me! I'm trying to find safety info on the sequels and can't find it yet so I might not start the rest of the series for now.

    I recently read a new adult fantasy novella that ruined one of my all time favourite OTP's so I'm a little bit afraid of reading the others books of this series, but I might take a chance on the other books if they are safe. However once he meets her there's no OW scene and he gets eyes for no one but the heroine. There's this woman who slept once with the hero who taunts the heroine and becomes the evil ex, but other than that I had no problems with this. View all 16 comments.

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    Reviewed by: Rabid Reads 2. And it's rare. So new author, new series, hell yes, I will board that train. Then I started reading it. Two things: 1. First person, present tense. It's my least favorite perspective to read from. What in the Sam Hill is Poseidon doing in a fantasy world, I ask you? The second is admittedly one of my weird quirks that probably won't bother the rest of you,from. Reads 2. You can have Middle Earth or you can have Hinduism, and never the twain shall meet. Also, it breaks continuity.

    Until the Best Books of lists start coming out, and it's on like four of them. So I'm like.