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As he narrated the part which referred to the mule his legs began to harden into stone. As he began to recount what the second witch had said he was already turned into stone as far as his knees. The Prince seeing which asked Pedro not to continue any further to relate what he had heard the witches say, as he had already commuted the sentence of death passed upon him, satisfied of his innocence.

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But Pedro determined to declare all he had heard the witches say, and as he finished narrating what the last one had said he was turned completely into a marble statue. The prince, much distressed, ordered the statue of marble to be placed under the bed in his room. At the end of the year the princess had a boy; and when the prince was once in his room, sometime after the event, alone with the child, the witch appeared and said to him, "You are a great friend and patron of Pedro, but you are not capable of killing your son and bathing the marble statue with his blood; did you do so, the marble statue would turn again into Pedro himself.

Pedro began to move! He then proceeded to bathe the statue with its blood, and immediately the stone was turned again into Pedro. The princess in great affliction and grief ordered a beautiful mausoleum to be erected in the garden to place the child's corpse in it. The following day when they were all celebrating with a great feast the event that Pedro had come to life again, the little boy also returned to life. He was found playing in the garden with some little stones. Great was their joy, and they all lived very happily and contentedly.

A man used to go about the streets crying out, "Who'll buy troubles? The maid bought the flowers and planted them in the garden, and the queen went every day to watch their growth and tend them. One day, as she was taking a walk in the garden, she saw a rabbit running past, and she told her maid of honour to try and catch it.

The maid seized it, and then fastened it up with her garter. They then continued their walk, and, whilst they were giving a turn round the garden, the rabbit escaped with the garter round its neck. The princess was very sorry to lose it, and the following day, at the same hour, took another turn round the garden, and she again saw the same rabbit running. She told her maid to catch hold of it, which she did, and this time she fastened it up with a handkerchief. They took another turn round the garden, and whilst they did so the rabbit escaped with the handkerchief.

Next day, at the same hour, the princess took her usual walk in the pleasure ground, and again saw the rabbit. She then threw down the gold necklet with the king's portrait which she wore, and told her maid to fasten the rabbit with it, as they could now take their walk without anxiety, because the little animal thus secured would not be able to run away.

Contos Tradicionais do Povo Português - Volume II

But the moment they turned round to take their walk, the rabbit went away with the necklet and portrait. When the queen returned, and missed the rabbit in its place, she went into the palace and fell ill from sorrow. The court physicians came, and said that what her highness suffered was from being in love, and gave orders that she was to be taken out for walks and amused. Many persons were called in to relate the most beautiful stories known to the princess, but she paid no heed to them. There were two old women living together who were sisters; and one day one of them said to the other, "Oh!

But the old woman remained obstinate, and said, "Never mind, any way I shall go to the palace with mine! After that she saw an ass with gold panniers come out from under the milestone which she sat upon; and saw hands that led the ass, but could see no one. The old woman waited for the donkey to return, and when it did so she held on by the panniers, and descended some steps until she reached a palace of great splendour.

There was a table laid with every good thing, and the woman sat down to it, and partook of everything. When night set in she laid down; and, very early in the morning, she saw a rabbit enter from the garden.

Portuguese Folk-Tales

The rabbit went and bathed in a tub, and became transformed into a handsome prince; he went to the looking-glass and began combing himself, and repeated:. He then again bathed himself in the tub, and once more became changed into the rabbit, and it departed. The old woman then had her breakfast, and, when she saw that the ass with the golden panniers was going out, she held on by them and went out with the ass also.

When she found herself in the high road she walked on to the palace of the princess, and on arriving there she said that she wished to see the princess, to relate a story to her which she was sure would amuse her. The princess was reposing on a couch, and when she saw the old woman she turned towards the wall. The old woman paid no heed to that, but began her story. The princess had scarcely commenced to hear the story about the rabbit than she instantly sat up, asked for some broth to take, and told the old woman to continue.

When the story was finished, the princess said to the old woman that she would go with her to see the palace and the rabbit she had seen. Her health then began to improve, and one day, when she had perfectly recovered from her attack, she went with the maid of honour and the old woman to where the milestone was, and waited there to see if the ass with the golden panniers would come forth from whence the old woman had sat before.

More and more surprised at what she saw, she went further into the palace, until she had seen every part of it, and all it contained. They came to a house, and when the maid was entering she suddenly uttered a scream and ran out; the princess asked her what made her scream, and the maid replied that it was the sight of a dead man. The princess told her to go in and not to mind it, but the maid would not because she felt much frightened; and the princess, finding that she would not, went in herself; she threw water over the corpse and commenced to pray, and suddenly the dead man returned to life and transformed himself into a very handsome prince, and was the same one that the old woman had seen transform himself into a rabbit.

In an instant all the hands took the form of persons, and were those that composed the magnificent court which were spell-bound. The prince expressed his grateful acknowledgments to the princess for having broken the spell he was under. The princess asked him for what purpose were all these preparations and work in the palace.

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The prince replied that it was for the marriage of the princess of Naples; in great surprise, she said, "I am the princess of Naples! The princess, in great delight and filled with joy, said that she would marry him. The marriage was solemnized with great pomp, and they all remained in the same palace, living very happily together. The old woman was held in much esteem by all, but she went about looking very sad; and, when they asked her what ailed her, she said that she wished to return to her own home.

They loaded her with many riches, and sent her back accompanied by a page. The old woman left the palace, and on arriving at her home she said:. There was a widow who had three sons. They lived in great poverty; and the eldest son said one day, "Oh! He travelled on, and on arriving at a certain country he inquired if any one there required a servant.

He was told that a magician, who lived in that part, was always wanting servants, and that he had better apply at the house. The young man went to the house, and inquired if a servant was required to wait upon them. The young man, who was unaccustomed to long journeys, began to get very tired, and did nothing else but ask, "Oh!

Sir, have we not yet arrived? Sir, that is just what I shall not do!

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The magician took out the entrails of the horse, filled a bag with them, and then told the lad to get inside the empty belly of the horse, and he put in several bags as well. He then took out a book and commenced to read, and the horse began to ascend the mount until the lad reached the top. The lad came out of the horse, while the magician from the foot of the mount cried out to the boy, "What do you see?

When the magician had got the horse safe at the bottom of the hill, he started off with it, leaving the lad quite alone on the top of the mountain.

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The moment the boy found himself forsaken he commeneed to cry, and to seek for some herbs to eat, as he felt very hungry. When he had rambled about for some time, he found a little herb which grew very luxuriantly, and had very large roots, which made it very difficult for him to root up.

But when he had succeeded in rooting up some, he found in the hole which was left a massive iron ring of great size and thickness. The lad, astonished at what he saw, went down the stairs, and at the bottom of the stairs found himself in a magnificent palace.

by Adolfo Coelho

He saw a table loaded with the most delicious viands, and, as he felt very hungry, he sat down at once to eat. He then left the dinner table and proceeded to another apartment; and as he was about entering the chamber, he saw a giant lying down; and the moment he drew near to him, the giant cried out, "Who has authorised you to enter here? You had not the good fortune to kill him; and so long as he lives I shall not get out of this. But you have still one way of saving me: to-morrow before sunrise you must hide behind that tank; after that, three doves will come—a white one, a grey one, and one cinnamon-coloured.

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If you succeed in catching the white one, you will bring about mine and your happiness.