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Gestalt Therapy. Grief and Bereavement. Group Psychotherapy. Individual Psychotherapy. Jung and Analytical Psychology. Anger is a natural emotion. When used constructively and positively, anger can can help us to achieve. Bereavement is the feeling or experience of grief when we someone close to us dies or leaves us, or when we loose something close to us.

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Recent studies in Australia have found that lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people experience markedly poorer mental health than the general population Leonard et al, We all experience fear and worry, to a degree. For people who suffer from phobias, however, this fear and worry can cause wide-reaching difficulties and impede day-to-day functioning. Anxiety is a normal feeling we experience in response to threatening situations.

Anxious feelings can also result in sweating, tension, panic and avoidant behaviour. This can be very upsetting both for you and your partner, so one of the first things I focus on in sex therapy is lowering your levels of distress and anxiety, as well as reducing any tension with your partner. As a result, you might ejaculate before penetration, or soon afterwards.

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Many people only think about eating disorders and women when they think about body image. We all create images about our bodies. How we think and feel about our body can influence our self-esteem, desire, arousal and sexual performance. Genital image is part of our broader body image and can affect both men and women. Pornography and sex addictions are common issues.

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Delayed ejaculation may mean that you cannot ejaculate at all, even through masturbation. Or it may mean that you cannot ejaculate through penetration, or take what you and your partner feel to be an excessively long time. It is not uncommon for men to have concerns about the size of their penis.

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We live in a society that has many cultural messages about a bigger penis is better. Men often under-estimate their own size and over estimate others size. No matter how much they might love or desire their partner, both men and women can experience pain through intercourse. In men, arousal can be painful if the foreskin is tight and can result in painful sex. Treatment for prostate cancer can affect your sex life. During and following treatment men may have less interest in, or desire for sex.

Men also can experience erection difficulties.

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Sexual identity and sexual orientation are two terms that really mean the same thing. Many people think that there are three possible identities: heterosexual straight ; homosexual gay or lesbian ; and bi-sexual. This is probably the most common sexual difficulty, particularly among women. Loss of desire can either be partial, or total. Partial loss of desire means that you have stopped initiating sexual contact with your partner, but will sometimes respond to their approaches. Self-esteem can also impact on the way we interact with others, including sexually.

A sexual phobia is a fear or anxiety of some kind that impacts your ability to become aroused. Relationship can arise out of sexual issues, and sexual issues can result in relationship difficulties. Differences in desire, differences in choice of sexual activity can lead to issues in the relationship.

People who have survived sexual trauma sometimes experience sexual problems like an inability to reach orgasm, lack of interest in sex, vaginismus, fear of intimacy or touching. Treatment for breast cancer can affect your sex life. A woman may experience less desire or interest in sex, during and following treatment.