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Hobbes, through hints given initially by Reese and later by the apparent copycat killer, tracks down a woman named Gretta Milano.

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Gretta explains that her father, a former detective, killed himself in an isolated cabin in the woods after being accused of a series of demonic-themed murders similar to the ones Hobbes and Jonesy are currently investigating. Hobbes goes to the Milano family's lake-house, which has been left abandoned for 30 years. In the basement he finds several books, with unsettling illustrations, concerning demonic possession. He also discovers the name " Azazel " written on a wall, obscured under layers of grime.

Hobbes meets up with Gretta again and mentions the name to her, but she strongly urges him to drop the case to protect his life and the lives of his friends and family. However, she reconsiders after a terrifying personal encounter with Azazel, who confronts her in the guise of several strangers on the street and attempts to possess her. Seeking sanctuary in a church, Gretta explains to Hobbes that Azazel is a fallen angel with the power to possess human beings by touch. Hobbes realises that Azazel, while possessing Edgar Reese, shook his hand before the execution, but was not able to possess him.

Gretta explains that the demon will try to ruin his life by any and all means, and warns him of the inevitability of Azazel's victory. Azazel visits Hobbes at his precinct and possesses his friend Lou James Gandolfini , asking him about his investigation and taunting him by humming "Time is on My Side" and then moving from person to person, continuing with the lyrics after each transfer.

Hobbes asks Lou and several others why they were singing the song, but they have no recollection of their actions during the time Azazel was using their bodies. Hobbes runs outside and calls out to Azazel in Aramaic. The demon, now moving rapidly among people in the street, praises Hobbes for his cleverness. Hobbes confesses that he knows of Azazel's true identity, to which the demon responds "beware my wrath" and disappears.

To provoke Hobbes, Azazel possesses his nephew Sam and attacks John's intellectually disabled brother Art in their home. He again flees into other people out on the street, ending up in a schoolteacher. As the teacher, Azazel draws a gun and forces Hobbes to shoot his host in front of a group of bystanders.

Azazel boasts to Hobbes that even if his current host is killed, he can transfer to any other host in the surrounding area without even needing to touch them, as he did during Reese's execution. Lieutenant Stanton Donald Sutherland informs Hobbes that his fingerprints were found at one of the murder scenes, and in light of the bizarre circumstances of the shooting of the teacher, he has become a suspect for all the murders. Azazel inhabits several of the witnesses and gives false accounts that the shooting was unprovoked, throwing further suspicion on Hobbes.

He also comes into his home and murders his brother, whilst also marking Sam. Hobbes then takes his nephew to Gretta's house, to keep him safe. Gretta explains that, if forced out of a host body, Azazel can only travel in spirit form for as long as "one breath" can sustain him. If he does not possess another host within a certain amount of time, he will expire permanently.

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Hobbes goes to the Milano cabin and calls Jonesy, knowing he will trace the call. Stanton and Jonesy arrive to arrest Hobbes; however, Jonesy kills Stanton, revealing himself to be possessed by Azazel. Azazel prepares to shoot himself, which will allow him to possess Hobbes, the only other person for miles around. Hobbes wrestles Jonesy for his gun and Jonesy is accidentally shot and wounded in the struggle.

Hobbes then smokes cigarettes which he explains have been laced with poison, the same poison that Azazel used to kill his brother, which will leave Azazel stranded in the wilderness without a host. An enraged Azazel spits insults as Hobbes taunts him, proclaiming that "time is on my side" before shooting and killing Jonesy. Azazel then takes possession of Hobbes' body and frantically attempts to flee, but succumbs to the poison and dies. Soon after the execution the killings start again, and they are very similar to Reese's style.

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Favorite Denzel Washington Films. Denzel Washington. Best Thriller.

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Ricochet Action Crime Drama. A District Attorney is terrorized by the criminal he put away years ago when he was a cop.

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Antwone Fisher Biography Drama. Crimson Tide Action Drama Thriller. Deja Vu Action Crime Sci-Fi.

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Devil in a Blue Dress Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Denzel Washington John Hobbes John Goodman Jonesy Donald Sutherland Stanton Embeth Davidtz Gretta Milano James Gandolfini Lou Elias Koteas Edgar Reese Gabriel Casseus Art Michael J. Sam Robert Joy Charles Frank Medrano Charles' Killer Ronn Munro Mini Golf Owner Cynthia Hayden Society Woman Ray Xifo Society Man Tony Michael Donnelly Toby Tara Carnes Edit Storyline Det.

Taglines: Detective John Hobbes is searching for a criminal he's already met Runtime: min. Color: Color Technicolor.

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Edit Did You Know? Trivia Actor Elias Koteas also starred in the film The Prophecy where he played a Detective hunting down a fallen angel. Goofs Amount of snow on Hobbes' hair and jacket when he is lying on ground at the end.