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We take away the fear and doubt and replace it with hope, so they can learn, play and grow. Like kids are supposed to do. The system that was in place was not built to handle the number of girls we currently have at MFO. This system failure has impacted the lives of the girls and the staff at the campus. We are asking all of you once again if you or someone you know can please help us repair the septic system for the girls.

On behalf of all our girls we are once again counting on your generosity and thank you in advance for you willingness to help with this worthy cause. In early the leaders of Maison Fortune Orphanage opened the doors for 10 girls affected by adverse situations in the community.

In Haiti, the education of girls is often viewed as a secondary priority — at MFO we wanted to set the example that girls are Leaders too! In , as our girl population grew we permanently moved to the location we now call the Girls Campus. Today at MFO we care for 90 girls, we have added new space for beds, purchased more mattresses and maintained the facility with new paint and concrete repairs.

Our children at MFO have many needs, and we work diligently to manage, monitor and allocate the funds that come from our supporters to the most critical projects to ensure the safety and welfare of our children. Sometimes, however, just like at your home — life can throw you some curveballs! This is a key part to our success and our ability to keep offering the services we do.

When our story becomes your story we all win!

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The orphanage becomes a second home to individuals reaching out to learn more about our mission to larger groups that are seeking an organization to help. The MFO boys and girls cherish the love and time volunteers spend with them during this season. Personal experiences lead to the best stories and we are thankful that upon returning to the states so many of you share our story with others!

With all of this on our plate we also will continue to work to meet the daily needs of food, shelter and security for all of those in our care. The help of volunteers who bring not only their time and love but also supplies of clothing, hygiene items and toys this work is not only possible it is happening every day! We are so thankful for our community and we look forward to — our 18th year of service together to the Haitian Community! And when you get there, keep going.

Day 4 Update. Ashley has run straight since we left Cap-Haitien around early this morning. Or possibly that she got everything she needed last night to actually recover: rest, food, sleep in a real bed. It sounded like too big of a feat for any one person to try and tackle. No mountain is too high, and no challenge is too great with her. With each step I take, I already know I will never be alone- Tomorrow it begins; a journey that will be stamped on my heart forever- Ashley Horner.

Way to go Ashley! The congestion of the downtown areas makes for chaos and confusion, especially with our convoy of 2 motos, 2 vehicles and Ashley on foot of course. Starting off too fast will likely lead to problems down the road. Day 2: Around 4am this morning, we rolled out our sleeping mats and found a safe clearing at the top of the hill outside of St. We knew our driver needed to get some rest for the long day we knew today held.

Lesson Plan: A picture is worth a thousand words

Ashley got a little rest, but she mostly kept saying how she wanted everyone else to get some sleep. She woke up and shook off the stiffness and aches from yesterday. She ate some Mountain House granola, got some aminos in her, and is off running again. We stopped for a foot check because Ashley was saying she felt some blisters forming, but we had no idea how bad they were going to be.

Almost midday. We are somewhere between St Marc and Gonaives. Everyone is feeling the heat, with nowhere to find shade or cool off.

Worth a Thousand Words ~ The Ghion Journal

This is a straight stretch of road and I can sense Ashley is bracing herself for the reality of the mountains and climbing that lie ahead of her. I cant emphasize enough how much this means to her. Please if you can spare even just a few dollars — it all adds up. The emotions are overflowing. This is incredible.

Museum Hours

We were just pausing to collect ourselves and plan out the next few hours to save energy during the heat of the day. Why stop there with the generosity and compassion pouring out from every person reading this… you are part of this now. Ashley is still running… we still need your encouragement and support. When visitors come now what they see is a very different picture than the photos we took 15 years ago. Now in addition to the smiles on the children attending primary school, they also see high school girls making their dreams a reality through education, and University students looking ahead to graduation and starting their own businesses.

In additional to kids it is my unique position to also see our facilities. Today I want to highlight those of you who have also shared that vision over the years have contributed to our Capital and Building Funds. Our children are only as safe as their environment allows them to be and that is why your special support to our buildings, infrastructure, and security is so important. Over the years our buildings have been painted, generators bought and fixed, pumps installed, wells dug for a constant safe water supply, and roofs have gone up for shelter from the storms.

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All of these projects are prioritized, budgeted, and done with local companies and labor. When you give to our capital fund you are enhancing the lives of our children but also lifting up our Hinche community. This year we have been renovating and building a new kitchen area. This is only possible with additional giving beyond our operational needs and we are so appreciative. With our new space our children can study out of the rain and our cooks can prepare meals while it rains! Our transition to gas cooking is nearly complete and we are grateful!!

We will be saving money going forward by not buying charcoal and saving the environment at the same time! With your support we no longer need to procure lbs of charcoal each week to keep our fires hot!

Thank you! Lastly, while we have been working together to change the lives of others, you have also changed mine. In a time where the world seems to be turning inward I am grateful to know the exact opposite is true. They had nine children, all featured in the painting. The surface on which the painting was made is actually sixteen separate pieces of canvas fitted together and glued onto another material. Thomas Hudson was required to make the painting in this way because canvas was not produced in such large pieces at the time.

Some scholars think that Hudson sketched the overall composition and then had sittings with only a few of the family members at a time at their home in Devonshire. Back in his studio in London, he worked on the hands and faces. There he employed a drapery painter to do the rest—drapery, background, and clothes. The family is posed in an almost triangle arrangement, with the father at the top showing his importance in the family hierarchy. All of the family members look directly at the viewer except for one boy, one girl, and the dog.

There are a number of details that suggest the people who live in this house are very important—the luxurious tasseled curtain; the elaborate garden pedestal and urn on the right; the Turkish carpet that the family is positioned on, which would have been quite exotic for the time; and the Ionic pilasters flat, rectangular forms based on round columns, used as an ornamental motif.

The accepted costume for men in the early s included a wig, breeches, a waistcoat, and a coat. Radcliffe conforms perfectly to the image of a country gentleman at ease. Radcliffe , a short train. During the s, boys and girls alike wore dresses until five or six years old. As they got older, boys were dressed in miniature versions of their father's clothes. Look at the way Jasper, who carries a drum, is dressed compared to his brother, Walter, who is handing a piece of fruit to the baby.

Two of the four boys are wearing dresses and they all hold a piece of fruit. The lace and shiny fabrics were painted with loose brushstrokes that are easy to see. Up close they appear rough, but at a distance they magically create the look of fabric and lace. A highlight is an area or a spot in a drawing, painting, or photograph that is strongly illuminated. In this painting, highlights are represented by a dab of white or light-colored paint.

Look for glints of light on the tips of noses, in the eyes, and on the lips of the figures. These glints and brushstrokes help to bring the figures to life. Skip to main content. Tweet Like Pin Email. Lesson Materials Standards Related Lesson Students will examine the artistic characteristics of The Radcliffe Family , explore how artwork can lead to accurate, inaccurate, or incomplete historical conclusions, and explain why it is important for historians to obtain multiple perspectives and sources of information before drawing any conclusions.

Objectives Students will be able to: examine the artistic characteristics of The Radcliffe Family ; explore how an idealized or contrived artwork can lead to inaccurate or incomplete historical conclusions; and explain why it is important for historians to obtain multiple perspectives and sources of information before drawing any conclusions.

Lesson Display The Radcliffe Family to the class. Invite the students to look carefully and share what they observe. Prompt them with the following questions: What do you notice about the painting? How would you describe the people in the painting?