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Train your dog to be an optimist! Optimism is all about anything new appearing in the environment being seen as something GOOD rather than bad. The whole notion that dogs are trying to take over and control the world has been debunked for a while now! If we revisit the emotions that drive these Naughty but Nice behaviours, that can only make things worse!

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An approach that arms you with the know how and skills to know exactly what to do and when. All too often, we see these types of dogs end up being thrown out of conventional dog training classes OR owners spending lots of money on training classes to only be taught a sit or their name or a stay that just does not translate to day-to-day life.

The thing is we actually need to teach these dogs concepts and shape their brains. We need to prepare the worlds that they live. Games teach concepts, concepts shape the personality! Your dog switching from reacting to the environment, to reacting to YOU! Can your dog think in excitement?

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Hear their recall word mid-chase? They need reliability! Does your dog think everything new or different is cool? Optimism Rocks! Confidence is the maker of stress-free walks, households, vet visits, you name it! A calm dog is a happy dog, a healthy dog and a well-behaved dog!

Play 2 games, teach crucial concepts, get real-life results, yes real-life amazing results! This 8 week deep dive online process is a transformation machine.

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Dedicate the time to play just two 3-minute games per day and turn Naughty but Nice struggles into unbelievable strengths! Want to be notified when we open registration back up? So much information and new things to learn. I've started practising some of the new skills and can see differences in my dogs behaviour. Just need more time to watch and absorb all the enthusiastically presented information.

Hi Victoria, thank you so much for such a wonderful review!

I am so pleased to hear that our Naughty But Nice DVD has proven such a great success with your dogs training and has also shown some differences in your dogs behaviour! I hope you enjoy the rest of the DVD and learn lots more training tips! I love the naughty but nice ethos and this DVD is a great addition to my knowledge bank to help my boy face the world.

Hello Sarah, thanks for the great review!

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It is so lovely to hear that it has given you some knowledge to help your boy face the world! I wish you the best of luck! Read more Email: contactus tug-e-nuff. View basket. Tug Club Rewards Superstar dogs deserve awesome rewards. Sign up now to start earning points. Free Delivery! Free Poop Bags! We'll send this today if you order in the next hours.

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Description Does your dog lunge or bark? Is your dog easily distracted? Has your dog been described as reactive? Is your dog a worrier? Training a framework to make living with your NBN dog a cinch! Building an optimist and dog that responds positively to everything Being able to manipulate arousal levels Playing games to develop crazy focus and impulse control. Sold out. View full details. Add to basket. Customer Reviews 5 Based on 11 Reviews. Customer Photos.

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Reviews Questions. Title of Review. How was your overall experience? Thank you for submitting a review! Your input is very much appreciated. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! Facebook Twitter. Clear filter. More Filters. Medium - Collie, Springer Spaniel, Retriever. Was this review helpful? Great DVD Loads of really good deals for training and motivation. Naughty but nice I have watched this DVD once and am looking forward to putting some ideas into practice, but first I will have to watch it a couple of times again as there is so much information to take on board, I have high hopes that it will help me with my dogs.