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Aufwachen antworten interviews mit totgesagten german edition. The americans tv series. Haploids in crop improvement i. Bury my heart a disrespectful love.

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A child under a plum tree in a lush garden. A child amidst a fruitful garden and playing with a pear. On a swing, sul dondolo 80x dipt. On a swing, sul dondolo 80x cm. A girl on a swing. God was in us,Dio era in noi x God was in us is a sentence by Giovanni Segantini, a fantastic Italian painter. I agreed with this when I feel I have lost some of my infancy.

The tree has here become coloured, it grows in a garden and gives shade, protection and food. It has found its space, enclosed in the garden. The garden, where life continues its fluid cycle, protected, pure. Hidden garden, x cm.

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A hidden, misterious, private secret garden with gate and walls covered with foliage. Happy are those x cm. A historic park of a Venetian Villa along the Brenta River. Villa, x cm.

Gabbia di trinchetto

To watch the falling leaves x A historic park of a Venetian Villa along the Brenta River during the autumnal foliage. Apple tree x cm. Apple tree on a beautiful secret garden. A gift to my husband on our wedding day. Memory of the apple tree 50x50 cm. Memory of the apple tree the mother. The fruits are its memory, present and destiny. Pear tree x cm. Memory of the Pear tree 50x50 cm.

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Women are like cherries x cm. From Casanova: women are like cherries, one leads to the other. Kid under the pear tree x cm. Childhood in the secret garden of infancy, of memory, of purety, of soul. It is one of the series: botanical portraits.

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Under the plum tree x cm. A child under a tree. A kid playing with a sun beam in the garden of chidhood. Autumn leaves 50x50 cm. Autumn leaves in Tuscany. Oak x cm. Ancient oak, antico rovere xcm. Ancient oak in the country side of Padova, north Italy. Tree of life, x cm.

The tree of life. I started using texts and words with the painting. Oak, quercia 50x50 cm.

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I used to spend my holidays in Tuscany , Maremma. This is one of those oaks I loved. Tuscan Oak, quercia toscana 50x50cm. Tuscan oak. Olive tree 80x80 cm. No title, senza titolo 80x cm. Tree in the desert. I am, Io sono x cm. The "I am" painting, which states as a self-portrait who I am.

I don't know if I made myself clear.. Australia, x cm. Australia eucalyptus in front of the blue ocean. Danny Boy, x cm diptic. Log In Join.

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Sell a Similar Item. Don't Miss Your Next Treasure. Andrea Branzi, Box, Dec Andrea Branzi, 'foglia' lighting object from the. Nov An Andrea by Sadek "Chickadee" Figurine. An Andrea by Sadek "Meadowlark" Figurine. An Andrea Plate.

A Parakeet on Stand by Andrea.