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Like many academics working on British cinema, I have heard Charlotte Brunsdon talk more than once on her work on London-set movies and found her talks engaging and informative. So, it was with the scepticism of being ever so slightly disappointed by most of the books that follow entertaining papers that I began to read London in Cinema. I am delighted to say that Brunsdon's book fulfils everything I hoped it would be and that it has lost none of the passion and energy of her conference discussions.

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  5. If anything, it has become more erudite and more compelling in the story she tells. One of the things Brunsdon is at pains to stress in both this and the introductory chapter is that her London is not the kind of London which, when discussed, is forever at the intersection of setting and location. It is not the power of the schematic signification of London through actual locations which she is interested in, but the use of these at the next level of signification, when, as shorthand, we do not need the reality of the location to communicate London but a series of carefully placed iconographic images within a generic urban space.

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    In other words, landmarks in film signify everything and nothing simultaneously, permitting us access to and rapid cognition of the setting, period and sometimes even the genre, but ultimately adding nothing to the stories we are being told. Occasionally, throughout the book, you will be able to think of examples of films which Brunsdon does not investigate, but, as she explains herself, choices do have to be made and examples privileged which provide the reader and spectator with a discourse which can be applied to other films.

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    There is much in the chapter on the local signifiers of London which enhances how we think of the representation of England's capital and it is difficult to sketch the images Brunsdon renders because they are so rich, so culturally engaged and so literate in their complex understanding of the city and its representations.

    Anyone who has ever spent any time in the East End will recognise the reverberations of its history as represented on film, but the East London in contemporary reality is a very different creature.

    The sixth chapter takes the reader onto the Thames itself as London's symbolic artery and finally, in the Afterword, Brunsdon comes to an end by emphasising the pathos inherent in a number of London films along with the sense of a city constantly remoulding, repeating and continuing. Each chapter concentrates on a smaller number of films but Brunsdon's knowledge of the representation of London is far in excess of any work which currently exists.

    Every chapter is a gem; irrespective of what genres and tastes you have as a reader, Brunsdon's London leaps off the pages. Themed issues alternate with general ones, and each issue contains a wide range of articles, substantial book reviews and conference reports, an in-depth interview with a leading practitioner in the field, and a section intended to encourage debate amongst those studying British cinema and television.

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    7. From the journal has been published quarterly, and its steady transition in its nine years of existence from a biannual to a triannual to a quarterly is a mark of its considerable success over a relatively short period of time. It is fully peer-reviewed, and future themed issues will be devoted to BBC2, ageing and projection. Architectures of Revolt comprises essays that address the relationship between cinema, the city, and architecture in the pivotal year What makes this collection work so well is the editor's guiding hand.

      Shiel made sure that the essays all speak to each other rather than simply adhere to a rough theme as in so many edited works The contributors utilize well-known films of e.

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