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In their desperate obsession with quality experience, they compensate by accumulating quantity of experience. In hindsight, it was an incredibly immature and impulsive means of making decisions. Just because something seemed better meant that I immediately jumped to the conclusion that it would be better and then invested my time and energy into it. Tell me how I can be with her! Anything sexy struck them as more worthwhile than whatever they were doing with their lives at the moment. It was a sick mind game they played with themselves without knowing it.

Not just of others, but ourselves. Treating our lives as some sort of itemized checklist or score to be maxed out before we die. But life is not a video game. Life is a series of complicated experiences that bring various mixtures of joys and struggles and must be evaluated and decided upon as we go, based on our current feelings and values. Inspired by our insecurities , FOMO short-circuits our ability to handle or deal with any of this.

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I know the truth is not as sexy as a bright-blue-green beach or a model-thin girl in a pair of short-shorts. Because the internet is good at showing sexy. Better and worse are highly relative things. And they depend on far more than what looks good on paper or on a smartphone.

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They require investment and sacrifice. Eventually what stopped my FOMO was realizing that you are always missing out on something.

Yes, I was running away on these amazing trips to see amazing places. But I was also giving up the stability and community that comes with building a home. I was giving up making strong connections with people, and being there in a reliable way for those I cared about. I was giving up my ability to focus for long stretches at a time, to build something more out of my career and my skill-set and to reach my full potential. Valuable experiences come in many forms. Some of those are exciting and Snapchat-worthy. Archived from the original on 10 July Retrieved 16 November The Daily Telegraph.

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The Fear of Missing Out: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Instagram

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Skins Music. Match of the Day. Capitol Records. Archived from the original on 30 August Lily Allen. Regal Recordings. REG CD. Retrieved 16 December And there may be some surprising psychological reasons for why this chemonoia continues to linger, says Ropeik. Jim Carrey and his former partner Jenny McCarthy campaigned about the risk of toxins in vaccines, despite abundant evidence suggesting there is no danger Credit: Getty Images. He points to evidence showing that humans are primed to fear the artificial and prefer the natural.

It may be for this reason that we will happily step into a car, whereas we may actively avoid vegetables grown using pesticides — even though you are more likely to die on the road than from cancer caused by DDT.

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Finally, Ropeik thinks that we may all suffer from misinformation. Poorly explained news articles that fail to present the context of a risk will only confirm our suspicions , and we are then unlikely to check the facts afterwards.

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Importantly, this tendency does not reflect intelligence; indeed, smarter people may be particularly susceptible to this kind of confirmation bias. Thanks to greater regulation, the low doses of pesticides found on fruit and vegetables shouldn't pose a significant risk to humans Credit: Getty Images. For instance, some people are more worried about the additives in the food than the calories they are consuming or the exercise they are taking — despite the abundant evidence that losing weight and keeping fit is far more likely to reduce your risk of cancer than avoiding food colouring and preservatives.

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At its worst, our chemonoia can encourage us to give up otherwise healthy, potentially life-saving behaviours. Consider the fear of ingesting mercury in seafood. At high levels, mercury is a neurotoxin that can damage the brain, but the small amounts found in most fish are not enough to cause concern. Even more worryingly, some parents are so scared of the small portions of mercury and other metals in common vaccines that they do not allow their children to be immunised — leaving them at risk of dangerous diseases like measles.