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We love him more than anything and we are completely devastated,' Mrs Maccabee said. Kristina and Neil Maccabee were returning home after visiting family in Townsville, northern Queensland, over Christmas pictured Kristina Maccabee and Bruno. Mr Maccabee dropped Bruno off to Townsville airport in the morning, but as it was a public holiday he had to be left with baggage handlers. Due to the breed's flat-nosed face, their respiratory system is more restricted and they find it harder to cool down in hot temperatures.

Mrs Maccabee said they'd outlined these specific details in paperwork they'd earlier lodged with Virgin. When dropping Bruno off, Mr Maccabee made sure he was hydrated and asked the baggage handlers to make sure the water was full before Bruno was put on the flight. But when the couple boarded the plane they were horrified to see Bruno on the tarmac in baking temperatures for up to 40 minutes..

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When they arrived at Sydney airport the couple's worst fears were realised when a Virgin employee could not look them in the eye. The girl behind the counter could not make eye contact with me and my heart sank,' Mrs Maccabee said.

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The couple take Bruno everywhere with them and flew back to Sydney with Virgin Airlines on Boxing day stock image. The couple say that although it was a public holiday, Virgin shouldn't have dropped the ball when it comes to the health of animals.

Mrs Maccabee said she feels as if her dog's life was on the same level as someone who lost their baggage. Throughout the investigation, Virgin has reviewed the CCTV footage and found Bruno was held in a shaded area and insists he was fully hydrated. Virgin has also informed Daily Mail Australia that when guests wanting to organise to travel with brachycephalic pets must sign a waver to make them aware of the risks. We are taking this matter very seriously and investigating how it occurred,' a Virgin Australia spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia.

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Preacher's girl Lindsay has been best friends with Tom and Nick practically forever, but senior prom is coming up and she doesn't want to just go with friends. But the guys have no intention of letting anyone else near her, and they're not content to be just friends any longer.

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