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Barefooter for life, here! Thank you, so glad I stopped by to check this out. My son daycares his son at home, whenever I go to visit my grandson 28 mos , he is always barefoot, I forget as a child we I am 62 never wore shoes in the country. Thank you, so glad I stopped by. Love the article! Dancing barefooted is the only way to go. Benard Rudofsky, a Brazilian Architect designed homes to be barefoot in, making sure that inside and out there were many interesting sensory experiences for bare feet.

Cowboy boots carry on this abomination. She stopped wearing them and now wears fabulous toe socks and sandals and I gave her foot massages every evening until she retires. We are both 72 years old and our grand girls are out of their shoes as soon or sooner as they get home from school. Additionally, I love the idea of teachers going barefoot in class! I used to go barefoot at school a lot, during my high school years, and at Stonybrook U. It turns out, I had a 9th grade social studies teacher, and an 11th grade math teacher, who both would kick off their heels behind their desks, and taught their classes barefoot, almost everyday!

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Happiness from my side! Staying in Cape Town, which makes me more relaxed, I recently went to visit my sisters in Gauteng. Here I am so used to going into shops barefooted, but there I was frowned upon when I forgot my shoes at home and went into a mall barefeet. Nevertheless, I just walked on. Call me eccentric, I said to my sisters but never boring!

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All it takes is confidence. Alan, thanks for letting us know about your organization! Not something I usually share but seemed relevant, given the topic of discussion. Now 40, with two middle school age kids, I was recently told by a podiatrist that I had the healthiest feet he had ever seen! They are expected to wear shoes on man made surfaces.

I found that interesting and was glad to read it as there was no leniency on this topic when I was in school. Their elementary had children out of shoes often same school , and I of course have encouraged it all their lives. We need more articles like this to raise awareness. Thank you! My kids all went barefoot. She had half her class going barefoot every day at preschool.

We all still go barefoot as much as we can. My childhood was spent barefoot and climbing trees, clambering over rocks and roaming the bushland. I despaired of getting shoes on his feet when he went to school, but they were accommodating and allowed him to wear soft, comfortable shoes. Still, he had them off more often than not. I am a senior 72 years old and I go barefooted all the time. Sharon, at the opposite end of the spectrum was my grandmother. She wore shoes with heels and wedges even her slippers were wedged! What a wonderful article. I grew up in South America on the edge of the rain forest.

The only shoes we had were the ones required for school which were taken off and preserved the second we arrived home. As the time went by and we were able to afford shoes to wear other than at school I remember my dad would get annoyed by our shoe wearing habits and as a result we did not wear them as often. His generation understood something science is now shedding light on.

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Interestingly, none of us 12 children have any foot issues and I am the youngest now at I love your story — and the fact that your father intuitively understood what was best for you! That is absolutely preposterous, Becky. According to the Soceity for Barefoot Living, it virtually never is. At 66 years of age , having been a tomboy when I was young and free, then confined to the norm as an office worker for 30 years I have found freedom. Diagnosed as diabetic of late I noted that when I was wearing slip on shoes it felt like I was walking on cardboard.

Of late have been walking barefoot and there definitely is a difference.

Thank you for the post , it validated my barefoot joy. Good article!

I started going barefoot full time work excluded about 20 years ago. I go everywhere barefoot shopping, homes of friends and family, church, etc. I no longer suffer from tendonitis in my knees, lower back discomfort, or achy feet. Also, I am hardly ever ill. Plus, the comfort and freedom are added bonuses. Truly, one of the best decisions I have ever made. She only wears shoes for school, and only for class. Once class is over, she is permitted to go barefoot. Kent, thanks for joining the conversation!

Hi Rae! I live in the deep south of the U. I have had maybe three confrontations over the past 20 years. Two were at stores and one was at a restaurant. One store and the restaurant ended in my favor.

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In regard to church, me and my daughter have had nothing but positive inquiries and comments about our bare feet. I am an early childhood educator of 27 years now and I have always promoted bare feet. Mainly because I am myself. I see the benefits of it first hand and extend that to the children I teach. Thankful for your article. My 8 year old son Was, runs, plays, climbs etc. Barefooted…we realized that he is a completely different child with shoes that we could hardly deal with. We were planning a hiking trip when he was 2.

As a baby he was without shoes. So anyways we thought a good pair of Hiking shoes would make him walk miles…he was not, he was crying, in a bad mood etc.

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Once we were up the mountain he suddenly took of his shoes and socks and you could see that child breathe…and smile all over the face. He since then takes of his shoes in the middle of March and takes them on to walk to school in the Middle of November. He does everything without shoes, we even spent a week in Rome this year and he walked Via Apia without shoes.

He has never ever got injured on his feet, he is a very fast runner, he can hike 6h without moaning, he to me is the downearthed human being I got to know in my life- very sensitive, very powerful. To us, as older he gets, it s becoming difficult to let him do so in public and it costs a lot of back up.

People think we force him, we are poor that we have no money to spend in shoes, that he is dirty we live in Switzerland where water and money for shoes is no problem? We stand against strong winds but we know that we have a well balanced boy who knows exactly what is good for him and his little body and soul. No back pains, headaches and body structure problems on his side and he stands perfect on his own feet. Sometimes he says: you guys have to take the shoes off and feel the ground and then we do and this is one of the most connecting things we do as a family. Hands up for No shoes required areas…!

Thanks again for the article. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Carolin!