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Wally missed you. Wally: Artemis Stop!.

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Artemis: Bye guys see'ya later at the cave :. Zatanna: They are meant for eachother.

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Megan: Yeah. How about you Zatanna why you and Robin you look lovely which other. Richard: Hey, Stop messing with our love life.

The new Young Justice has grown up alongside its heroes

Natasha: Hey, Dick wanna have another round?! Richard: Stay away from me! Richard: HELP! Karl: They're like brothers no? Khaldur: That's what I love about her. Megan: So Khaldur what you get her? Karl: He did forget their Anniversary.

Conner: Dude, I never forget our anniversary. Megan: If you still remember it When is it?

Khaldur: Nothing babe, I'll be back I just need something do. Bye Puffer fish :. Karl: Hey, Nat wanna have some cookie?

Seven Soldiers: Zatanna #1

Or you want Shuarma? Zatanna: What the hell is a Shuarma? Natasha: That is my friend is a delisous food that your about to taste. Come on! Ted: Get away from me!!

Don't touch me! Forums The Watty Awards. Go Premium. C'mon Lego get your head in the game. So many good characters can come from Superman and maybe sell better than Batman. The lack of dual molded legs on non- movie based sets compared to marvels is unfair. We get no new figures while marvel has tons to go off of. I wonder if Lego is ever actually gonna listen to their community and give us something good.

Second of all, Marvel films are highly more successful than DC films hence why they get more movie sets.

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I do admit though me and many others do feel Lego is disconnected from their fans. I hope so I was beginning to think this was going to have just been a rumour, I thought we would have heard about a set by now I really hope they give us a UCS Batcave in a few years, or at least give us some of the display-pieces in some sets.

I really wan't a full sized Joker-card and Penny for a Batcave. Well the good news is that if you wanted a giant dinosaur for your Batcave, the new Jurassic Park T-Rex D2C set is perfect though it might be a little oversized. Just remake it entirely with green pieces and you're all set.

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Superman sets would sell very well and not ones based from the movies. And the marvel sets. I feel very disconnected. Marvel gets treated way worse than DC. I have collected almost every set from both since , and DC has waaayyyy better stuff. For one the comics get represented better, the builds are better and less junior all round, and this wave beats anything marvel has had since ! So innceorrect.

So true, dc has gotten the bigger niftier and grittier sets more than any marvel sets, plus LEGO played it safe because this wave is literally the Batman line redux, but way better, I love all the sets coming out, dc has gotten Arkham asylums, Batcaves, enormous bat vehicles, and tons of movie sets, marvel ever since has gotten one or two sets and 30 something Spider-Man sets that tries to tie in the cartoons or shows, but seriously I am too excited for the upcoming wave, it will be marvelous.

Of course they're all jealous of the Harry Potter line. What's new New posts Latest activity. Search forums. Global Rules. Forum Leaders. Help Smilies BB codes Medals. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I wasnt sure what to put for the prefix so I just put what I'd like to learn first if thats alright.

By Jonathan Edwards

Thank you again Sensei. Zatanna Elite. All good my friend! So tell me what you know about Earth Release! Can you tell me any famous or well known users from the series? What are Earth's strengths and weaknesses?